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Tai Chi Fusion - energise your day in 15 minutes


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About the session

Want more out of your day? Want to start with more energy and power? Then this session is perfect for you.

Starting with a combination of exercises from Tai Chi, Yoga and others, we start with breathing, face massage and slow gentle movements, mostly performed standing. The exercises are taken from Japanese, Chinese, Indian and other cultural backgrounds. At the same time we will have small moments of mindfulness to come to ourselves.

Please be on time and have the camera on. We want everyone to participate and be visible to make it an empowering moment for everyone.

What you need

  • Turn on Camera and make yourself visible
  • Use the name you signed up with
  • Participation
Sorry, it looks like the past is over and the future is not yet here!

Meet your sharer



Mind and body works the best way together when both are activated, both in

movement and in thinking. Ruben likes to inspire people to get activated within

mind body and soul. To get forward in whatever they want to achieve.

Starting the day with movement and to create awarenes of one selve makes it easier

to start the day. Apreciating life as it is we are more ourselves too. And create your

day every day again with full of apreciation and creation.


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