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Drumming Into Silence: Mindfulness workshop with Kelvin Kew


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About the session

A Mindfulness Workshop using drumming

“Drumming into silence? What an oxymoron phrase! How to be silent with all that drum banging !?!

But the silence I am referring to is the state of clarity each of us feel in our consciousness when we are truly calm within ourselves.

– Are you currently experiencing an imbalance in your life?

– Are you always finding yourself juggling with too many thoughts/responsibilities?

– Do you find it hard to get into a state of flow that brings calmness to your heart?

The amount of ‘noise’ in our lives has greatly compromised the quality of our consciousness, hence the quality of our lives.

Allow me to bring you on a drumming experience where we employ the use of rhythms and drum songs to calm our hearts and navigate our consciousness towards a mental state of flow.

Drumming involves the concentration of hand movements engaging in cyclical rhythms. When done right, this type of concentration in drumming serves as ‘engines’ to filter out unwanted noise in our consciousness.

When we find ourselves free from the noise in our heads, we experience silence in the form of clarity within our awareness. When that happens, we are better at aligning whatever we do in life with the goals we truly want for ourselves.”

Kelvin Kew

Program details:

Date: 23 O

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