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Further Your Spiritual Development With a Spiritual Teacher


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About the session

This is an invitation to a private session. It is not an event.

Here, spiritual development refers to the process of self-realisation: the raising of awareness, becoming more conscious, experiencing greater peace. It does not refer to the development of psychic/supernatural abilities.

Our sessions are aimed at those who have reached a point in their spiritual development at which they would like to explore working with a spiritual teacher.

Irrespective of your ‘path’, you have experienced a shift in consciousness; you have become more self-aware, accepting, compassionate and loving. Your understanding has changed as has the way that you respond to circumstances, and engage with yourself and others. You recognise this as spiritual growth.

Still, you are sometimes unsure of how to interpret what you are experiencing and would like to explore your experiences with a spiritual teacher.

Examples of situations (or types thereof) that you would like to explore:

  • You do things that you otherwise wouldn’t do, so as to fulfil other people’s expectations.
  • You wish to be more accepting of other people’s opinions, behaviours, etc.
  • You are fearful of being honest.
  • You sense that what certain people say about your behaviour isn’t true. For example, that you are lazy, selfish, unreasonable, irresponsible.
  • You are uncomfortable with your emotional reactions to certain situations.
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