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Limes Route: In the footsteps of the Roman Empire


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About the session

We invite you on the 13th of July to walk with us the historical northern route of the Roman Empire called the Limes Route. We will start from Brittenburg through Praetorium Agrippinae to Lugdunum. During the session we will do some exercises of the past and at the same time learn some historical facts about the different locations. We will also visit the museum at Praetorium Agrippinae and optionally, the historic museum of Leiden. Don' t forget to take your museum card with you for the museum of Leiden. Entrances to the museums are not included in the price.

Limes Route

The Limes Route in the Netherlands refers to the defensive system built by the Roman Empire along the northern borders of their territories, including parts of the modern-day Netherlands. The Limes Route was a series of fortifications, watchtowers, and roads that stretched across the Roman province of Germania Inferior (Lower Germany). The Romans trained by marching, calisthenics, and swimming. We will just do some exercises to warm up for the route and some in between exercises.


Costume attire and Equipment from the roman times would be amazing to have on during this trip. We can understand that for a nice walk and exercises

it looks more logical to dress comfortably and experience the roman walk in its current time comftable clothing..


Learning outcomes

  • Historic perspectives on life
  • Exercises from the past

What you need

Sorry, it looks like the past is over and the future is not yet here!

Meet your sharer



Mind and body works the best way together when both are activated, both in

movement and in thinking. Ruben likes to inspire people to get activated within

mind body and soul. To get forward in whatever they want to achieve.

Starting the day with movement and to create awarenes of one selve makes it easier

to start the day. Apreciating life as it is we are more ourselves too. And create your

day every day again with full of apreciation and creation.


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