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The Limes Route, a hike into the Roman past


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About the session

Let’s embark on a fascinating journey along the Dutch Limes Route, specifically the section from Katwijk aan Zee to Leiden. This route traces the ancient northern border of the Roman Empire, known as the Limes. Buckle up as we delve into history and explore the remnants of this remarkable frontier.

The Dutch Limes Route:

The Dutch Limes Route is a captivating trail that winds through the Netherlands, following the former northern boundary of the Roman Empire. This monumental archaeological site stretches from east to west, spanning our land. It’s a journey that unveils the rich history of Roman presence in this region.

The Roman Limes:

The term “Limes” refers to the extensive network of forts, watchtowers, roads, and waterways that the Romans established along their frontiers. These structures served as both defensive barriers and conduits for trade and communication. The Limes marked the edge of Roman influence, safeguarding the empire against external threats.

Julius Caesar and the Limes:

Julius Caesar, the renowned Roman general and statesman, played a pivotal role in shaping the Limes. He was the first to recognize the Rhine River as a natural boundary for Roman dominion. By doing so, he laid the groundwork for the later development of the Limes. The Rhine became a vital lifeline, connecting the Roman heartland with the northern territories.

Learning outcomes

  • Tai Chi, Yoga and breathing
  • Learning about the Roman times, the limes route

What you need

  • Take comfortable walking shoes
  • Water
  • and your good humor
  • take your museumcard, or buy a ticket
  • Trip from Leiden to Katwijk aan Zee

Saturday 25 May 2024


7:30 am GMT (4 hours 30 mins)


Leiden, Nederland |Map


Dutch, English


Adults (18+)

9 spots remaining


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